Christian Apologetic School

Christian Apologetic School (vs. Islam) in Italy

“…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear”” – 1° Peter 3:15

On the need of apologetic education and training, which specifically addressing the Muslim world, with the goal of exposing Islamic doctrine

There exists a lot of apologetic material, which defends the integrity of the Bible against the attacks from Muslim leaders, which claim that the Bible is the work of men. Muslim leaders are afraid of the Word of God (the Bible) falling into the hands of their loyal subjects. To prevent Muslims from opening the Bible they resort to this claim that the Bible is supposed to be no more than the work of men. The Christian Apologetic School, fully aware of this and other claims made by Muslims, can furnish students the techniques and strategies, which may be necessary when conversing with their Muslim counterparts. To communicate effectively one needs to take into account the Muslim mindset.

Goals of apologetic training

Islamecom, in its current activity, does not seek to impose itself on national bible schools or existing missions but instead to serve and complement them. By combining efforts, we can equip new generations of born-again Christians and future evangelists allowing them to reach Muslims. We need to come up with answers in light of the “resurgence of Islam”, which has already caused so much confusion among Christians and has had an impact on their theological thought process.

The Christian Apologetic School seeks to expose the nature of Islam doctrine in a peaceful manner and with lots of respect towards our Muslim counterparts. An in-depth training in biblical theology and historical background in evangelism is required. We can shape a new generation of apologetic evangelists and missionaries, which are capable in furthering the spread of the Gospel among Muslims in their respective socio-cultural environments, through the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

School admissions

The Christian Apologetic School accepts students, which are members of an evangelical church, in coordination with their pastors. Students, which have been accepted, may apply to our courses, which will be held online, for a duration of up to six months.

Learning objectives

The study programme reiterates the foundation of sound biblical teaching (about a 30% weight) while the majority of the study programme is dedicated to apologetics, addressing the controversies with Muslims and Islamic doctrine, namely:

  • Origin, doctrine and practice of Islamic faith, in as far as it concerns Christian beliefs
  • Defending the Christian faith in a friendly way when talking to Muslims
  • Understanding the foundations of Islam i.e., the Koran and Mohammed
  • Introduction and assessment of methods of evangelising Muslim
  • Introduction to the Arabic language (for beginners – not mandatory)

Missionary’s calling

We would like for our students see our Muslim neighbours, as God sees them. We provide our students with the apologetic training and anything they require in order to get involved and be proactive in their testimony and as missionaries among Muslims in Italy. At the same time, we all have to remember it’s possible to “have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge” (Romans 10 verse 2). In such situations there is always a risk that good intentions go to waste and efforts lead nowhere. Hence, it’s important to know once’s purpose in life and to see a missionary’s calling confirmed.

Further information

If you would like further information on the start of the courses and costs, please visit and download the brochure.

* for information on the study programme, please contact Riccardo Ricci, email:

* for information on the admission process, please contact Gemma Milazzo, email::

Giovanni Greco

Giovanni Greco

He attended the Italian Evangelical Biblical Institute in Rome, obtaining a diploma in "Biblical and Theological Formation". In September 2015, she received her bachelor's degree in Christian Theology and Pedagogy from Shepherd International University.

Francesco Maggio

Francesco Maggio

Vice - President
He was founder and president of META Onlus from 2001 to 2018, today he is the founder and coordinator of the Islamecom Ministry (founded in 2018); known scholar, researcher, evangelist and apologist on doctrinal issues of Islam.

Riccardo Ricci

Riccardo Ricci

Didactic Director
After serving his church in Pesaro for five years, he is now engaged as a missionary abroad, in a church foundation project in Greece. Co-founder of Islamecom and Didactic Director of Scuola Scai.

Karine Pinto

Karine Pinto

Social Media Manager
She is passionate about the Middle East and graduated in Arabic and Hebrew from the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, she contributes her academic training to the Islamecom ministry. You also work as a social media manager and text editor.

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