17 March 2020

Modern society loves to merge religions together.

One cannot walk the streets of Europe without hearing questions, or claims, about the “similarities” between Islam and Christianity.
Muslims will make statements about the uniqueness of Allah and that there will be one God for all.

Christians, Muslims and Secularists believe that we are all part of the same Abrahamic tradition. The evangelical teams assisting Muslims are confronted with notions of how, when and if we should use Koranic and Islamic terms and practices to describe the God of salvation so clearly outlined in the Bible.

More specifically, you may have met missionaries, or Christian institutions, who teach a theory that Yahweh and Allah are “the same god”.

To be Christians relevant and effective for our time, we need to find a clear path through all this confusion of who/what is the god of Islam, in light of the biblical teaching.

Can we be sure that Allah is the same or different?

Why so many missionaries and even theologians have adhered to the theory of “the same god”?

Can we decipher what is rooted in myth and legend, or what is Islamic innovation and what is really a healthy biblical way forward?

Dr. Paul Blackham

Abraham discendants?

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Koran Evidences Corrupted Part 2

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Koran Evidences Corrupted Part 2


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